Everything you need to know about Snowkiting

Everything you need to know about Snowkiting

In this blog post, we will be talking to Laurent Guyot, one of the very few people, to practice kiteboarding on all terrain, on a very high level. He is a former snowkite world champion and has been featured in many extreme sports and kite magazines. We believe that there is no one better to introduce you to snowkiting.

 Hi, Laurent, can you give us some advice how to prepare for snowkiting:

 Have good gear - especially technical clothes for cold temperatures. Keep in mind that foil kites are easier to set up on snow. Also, always take water and cereal bars in your bag. If you want to go freeriding in the mountains, then you must have with you DVA/shovel/probe and phone in case of an avalanche accident, and of course you have to know how to use them.

 What to look out for :

Look out for snow and wind conditions - check the forecast and especially the avalanche bulletin. You have to know the phone number of the rescue service in case of an accident.

How to fly on the mountains (both how to make big jumps and the basics) :

Kites are not built to fly like paraglides, so don't expect to fly like you would with a paraglider, it's your own responsibility if you fly with a kite. Do some research on the topic! Snowkiting in the mountains is totally different from kitesurfing, mainly because of the relief. You don't need to go fast to jump high, but you need to train on your kite piloting skills. You can land by doing a loop, or you can land like a "basic" jump without doing a loop but keeping the kite in the direction of your landing. Everything else comes from experience and practice.
A big thank you to Laurent, and if you want to see him at his best make sure to check out his Instagram and YouTube channel!


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