Landing New Tricks by Jack Whitaker

Where do I start!

My name is Jack Whitaker and I love anything that has to do with a board. I’ve been sailing around the world with my family for the past 5 years. In that time I’ve learned many new skills, one of which being kiteboarding. I’m especially fond of it! Me and my dad took a trip for a weekend to South Padre (south end of Texas) to learn how to kiteboard before we ever started traveling. Ever since then, I’ve loved it! We started a YouTube channel as soon as we started sailing and it has grown more than we ever thought it would, enabling us to kite more and find those amazing remote spots. I couldn’t begin to tell you all the places we’ve been! Although the best kite spots we’ve found have been in Fiji, Tonga, French Polynesia and the Caribbean.

What are your tips for landing new tricks?

For me and my brother, we get on YouTube and lookup how to do it. Once we’ve got an idea on how to do it, we go try to figure it out! It’s a blast kiting with my bro because we always push each other to do a bigger and better trick. And once one of us have, we immediately have to top it!

-Jack, pro rider for team Cabrinha

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