Life as a Kitesurfer by Alice Raggiu

Life as a Kitesurfer by Alice Raggiu

Hi, Alice! How did you get into kitesurfing:

Hi, I'm Alice Ruggiu, I live in Crotone, I'm 18 years old and I've been kiting for almost 5 years! Kiting was love at first sight, mainly because I live next to the best spot in my region and I could see riders kiting from my house! I remember spending several hours everyday watching all those colorful kites in the water from my balcony, and especially all those crazy riders who practiced it and dreamed of trying this wonderful sport! Kitesurfing literally changed my life! Nothing makes me feel as good and free, it’s like being on another world!

What has life been as a teenage kitesurfer:

Honestly, I couldn't have spent my teenage years in a better way, it’s a blessing! I admit that it is very difficult to get organized with school, training, family and friends, but that's the beauty of it! I’m always busy, which is something I love, and thanks to it I learned how to manage my time without neglecting anything or anyone.

What is your favorite trick and can you give us some advice how to do it:

My first love was Old School because of Tony Cili, my instructor. He is one of the best Italian riders in Strapless Freestyle. I was so fascinated by his maneuvers that I started Old School by copying with a twintip what he was doing with the surfboard. Later on, I wanted to try Kiteloops, a fairly difficult maneuver that gives so much adrenaline that feels like a bomb is exploding in your chest; it immediately became my favorite trick. In my opinion, the secret of this trick is to commit, don’t be afraid of getting hurt or crashing, believe in your abilities and try endlessly to improve. My secret is to communicate a lot with my coach and looking constantly at videos of the best kiters out there. I use them to understand what they do differently and therefore what I should improve. Later, I focus on those things in the water and the game is on! My current goal is to add Old School tricks to kiteloops!

Stay tuned🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽

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