My life as a Kitesurfer by Marc Jacobs

My life as a Kitesurfer by Marc Jacobs

Who is Marc Jacobs?

I am a energizer bunny, full of energy and love making people laugh. I love sports and activities and chasing adrenaline. I’m from Auckland New Zealand and I’m 31 years young 😉

How did you start kitesurfing and how did it become your profession?

    So I started kiteboarding when I was in primary school. My primary school used to be behind the beach, and people used to kiteboard on that beach back in 2003, I believe. I used to go after school and watch them fly, and I just knew straight away, this is the sport for me, this is what I want to do. So, I just begged my parents constantly, and I think two years later I got my first kite for my birthday, I had to save up money and my mom also helped. From there I used to play with the kite on the beach for about a year until I could afford a board, and then from 2006, I started kiteboarding on the water. 
      I made it professionally because I found the sport from a young age, most people don’t find this in their life, or don’t come across it early enough. I knew it was my sport when I was 13 years old and I just became obsessed with the idea, soon as I could train, I did it every day and it paid off. When I was 16-17 I went to North Young-blood camp, which was a big opportunity for riders all over the world, to be able to compete for international sponsorship and I won the last one in 2007 and that started my professional career.

      What do you like the most about kitesurfing?

        The best thing I like about kiteboarding is the feeling of flying. I was always obsessed with being able to fly and I feel like kitesurfing is something that gives you a superpower and that superpower becomes evident when there are strong winds and you are able to fly for a few seconds and you can do crazy maneuvers while you fly and the feeling is crazy. I love adrenaline. I love flying. Kiteboarding ticks all these boxes for me. 

        What's your favorite kiteboard competition, that you've entered, and why?

          My favorite kiteboarding competition is King of the Air. I used to love competing on the World Tour for freestyle and I did that for a lot of years, but there’s something special about King of the Air. There’s so much height behind it and just the energy you get from the people, the spectators, along with the conditions becomes energy that goes into your veins. It’s so different from any other competition I’ve ever had. It’s an amazing feeling and you just really want to go crazy. King of the Air is the one with the best feeling and it stands out for me. 

          What's your favorite trick? Can you give all the people that want to try it some tips?

            My favorite current kiteboarding trick is still the megaloop boardoff late-roll. I landed it in King of the Air in 2019. I was the first one to ever do it and to this day I think there’s just one other rider, that’s landed it successfully. And he did it in lighter winds. I think it’s one of the hardest tricks to be done for big air. I feel like I can do harder tricks, but this one is so unique because being able to take your board off and throw yourself upside down as the kite is coming in the power zone is just a crazy feeling. You really get your adrenaline up when you land one of those. 
              My tip for this trick is to first be comfortable with some other tricks. Make sure you can megaloop backroll boardoff, then make sure you can megaloop late-roll and are very comfortable doing it and make sure you can throw a megaloop late-roll, but this time with an indie grab, and if you’ve got that in comfortably then it’s combining all these tricks together. What you do is megaloop, then throw your board out, grab the rail, take your feet out and then throw yourself into the late-roll. You have to remember to really force the late roll, cause you don’t have a board on your feet and you lose that weight momentum. Look over your shoulder and just throw it and remember that your legs always follow where your head looks. Keep trying and eventually, you will get it. Make sure you have decent height. I’d say you will need at least 19 meters of height to be able to pull this off because you are fighting gravity when you do this trick. Practice makes perfect. 


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