Overcoming Fear and landing the S-Loop By Andrea Principi

Tell us about a bit about yourself:

I am Andrea Principi and I am 16 years old, I started kitesurfing at the age of 8, before starting I saw my parents do it and I was amazed by the jumps and all those maneuvers and from there I started this wonderful sport, I started to train and the more I learned new maneuvers and the more I became passionate about it, now I can't do without it anymore!

Tell us how you overcome the fear of new tricks and big jumps:

For me the secret is to trust and gradually try until you reach the goal . Another trick to overcome fear and try and make mistakes until with your mistakes you can understand the mistake and by understanding the mistake you reach success. I have a personal secret, when I want to do a new maneuver and I fix a goal until I succeed I don't get out of the water.

Andrea you are one of the first people to land a S-Loop after Ruben Lenten, who did it more that 10 years ago. Tell us a bit about it:

The "secrets" I shared with you were very useful for the S-loop. There is nothing better than to close a maneuver after many attempts and in the s-loop I studied the maneuver and then I concentrated and tried it in the water over and over again until I did it, the feeling is pure adrenaline . 🙏

You can watch Andrea perform an S-Loop by clicking here!

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