Kitesurf Destinations - Winter edition -  Seabreeze Kiteclub Siargao, Philippines

Kitesurf Destinations - Winter edition - Seabreeze Kiteclub Siargao, Philippines

Allthingskite Seabreeze Kiteclub Siargao

1) Who are Seabreeze Kiteclub?

A: My name is Andreas Xiarchos, one of the co-owners of Seabreeze Kiteschool. We are a watersports centre, based on the island of Siargao, Philippines, offering kitesurfing, wing foiling, SUP and surf lessons and rentals. Our school is watersports centric with all of our instructors (including myself) crazy for everything wind and wave related! 

2) How are the kitesurfing conditions on Siargao Island?

A: We are fortunate enough to have a beautiful, safe, flat water lagoon, which serves us for the majority of our classes and sessions. However, the island is actually famous for its surf breaks…the island is surrounded by amazing reefs, creating a diverse range of breaks, for all levels, all year round. Depending on your level of kitesurfing, wing foiling, or SUP, some of these breaks will be within your limits. From the lagoon there are 3 or 4 nearby breaks that are easily accessible with a kite, wing or SUP; watch it though, this is the pacific ocean so these waves tend to be big, and packing heat!

Allthingskite Seabreeze Kiteclub Siargao


3) When is it windy and what size kite will I need?

A: The island receives two wind seasons - the monsoon winds known as the Amihan Monsoon. This usually starts around November time, building through to Jan-Feb and then cooling off again towards March-April. The other wind season is from June-August, where winds are less frequent but you can still get some windy periods. Our busy period is during the Amihan season, where winds are usually between 14-20 knots, and can occasionally rise up to 25. So anywhere between 9-14m kites are usually most commonly used, with some days needing a smaller size. And you needn't worry about the temperature, we are in the tropics, the water is around 28 degrees and outside is the same if not a little more.

4) How is life on Siargao Island?

A: When arriving on the island - whether it be by plane or boat - you are in marvel with all the colours comprising the tropical archipelago, palm trees as far as the eye can see, turquoise waters filled with rocks and weeds and island formations that look like they came from a CGI movie! The island itself is a surfers paradise, with awesome eateries from around the globe, street food and probably something its most famous for - parties. Be warned the food doesn’t resemble the rest of SE Asia, it definitely has a more international feel. If you are not thinking about watersports, don’t worry, theres plenty of other things to keep you busy - the island has a lot to offer.

Allthingskite Seabreeze Kiteclub Siargao

5) What do you love about the island?

A: Im not much of a city lover, I’ve recently discovered that I prefer the more relaxed, in-touch with nature side of life. Island life for me has it all, from its laid-back tardiness, to everyone being involved in one big community / family, and this island certainly has those things. We experience power outs, theres no dress code (only smiles), and it really feels like you are going back to basics. This intwined with the waves, wind and people you meet there, really makes this island a special place for me.  


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