About us

Kiteboarding t-shirt, kitesurfing equipment, all things kite, kiters high-fiving

Who are we?

We are an inspiring team of kitesurf enthusiasts that aim to make the sport accessible and connect enthusiasts with pros around the world!

What is AllThingsKite?

AllThingsKite is currently a blog, featuring tips and stories from some of the best kiters in the world. We also have an apparel line for everyone who want to support us, or wants to look good on the beach!

Our Mission:

We aim to create a platform to connect kite brands, instructors and enthusiasts, for free exchange of information, faster, easier and more informed buying process, and to spread joy in all of you!

The Team:

This website was created by Kristian Ratkov (@k.ratkov), OutFrame Media (@outframe_media) and Filippo Mhri (@filippo.mhri). All the photos belong to Filippo and OutFrame Media!